Doubt it…


No words.  Nothing. Over the last 5 days I’ve managed to write nothing, and I know why.  It’s not because of:





It’s because of that old pain in the ass – SELF DOUBT.  I’ve received decent critiques, people seem to like what I write, my husband has incredible faith in me – so why am I STILL doubting myself???

I have a few short story competitions I would love to enter with the deadlines drawing near and I can’t bring myself to write for them – nothing seems good enough to me.  Maybe I should pretend the competitions don’t exist and write for me – I think that’s what I should do.  I am on the verge of writing, but will I actually write today?  I  f@*&$%# hope so.  It’s amazing the power SELF DOUBT can have over someone, as I’m sure you all know.



What puts you in the mood???

To write –  you perverts!  Or to create.  If you’re an artist what inspires you to create art?  Singers, what makes you want to sing?  Writers, what fills you with inspiration and motivates you to put the proverbial pen to paper?

As a writer, these are the things that inspire me to write – to the point where if I can’t get to my laptop immediately I get itchy and restless with the urge.

  • Rain and stormy weather – my number one inspiration, don’t ask my why, but it works every time
  • Coffee – must have a good cup of coffee or tea with me otherwise it doesn’t feel right
  • Reading novels from the same genre – I think “Hey, I can do that” or “I can write that better”

I’m loving the weather in Sydney at the moment – lots of overcast and rainy weather to fuel my motivation.

Please comment below and let me know what gets your juices flowing…(not those juices).



An author let me down…

Hi all,

I recently finished reading the latest book by one of my favourite authors, and was moderately let down.  Don’t get me wrong, she had written an entertaining story as always and stayed true to her writing style – however I feel there was so much more she could’ve done with her characters, so much further she could’ve pursued the ending, even gone so much deeper with the storyline…

It got me wondering…after so many books is an author bound to run out of ideas and originality? Are they doomed to repeat story lines or write stories half as good as their initial material?  

I am in no way belittling this author or taking anything away from her – she still did a good job, I just expected better after reading her previous work.  

Let me know what you think – do authors improve with experience and time, or do they fizzle out?  I like to think they get better with time.