Doubt it…


No words.  Nothing. Over the last 5 days I’ve managed to write nothing, and I know why.  It’s not because of:





It’s because of that old pain in the ass – SELF DOUBT.  I’ve received decent critiques, people seem to like what I write, my husband has incredible faith in me – so why am I STILL doubting myself???

I have a few short story competitions I would love to enter with the deadlines drawing near and I can’t bring myself to write for them – nothing seems good enough to me.  Maybe I should pretend the competitions don’t exist and write for me – I think that’s what I should do.  I am on the verge of writing, but will I actually write today?  I  f@*&$%# hope so.  It’s amazing the power SELF DOUBT can have over someone, as I’m sure you all know.



Friday Night Ambitions


It’s friday night and we’ve got the whole night off.  My amazing husband is having a snooze with JM, dinner has been taken care of by our brother in law and just about all the tasks have been ticked off for today…

Except one personal task – to write a new story, or finish writing my other story.  

I know what I want to do this friday night, but will I do it?  There’s no reason I can’t.  Ah, the joys of self-doubt…my old friend, I know you well.  The only reason I’m not putting the proverbial pen to paper is I’m afraid it won’t be any good, and honestly I’m not sure where to start.  

The new story is for a short story comp, only 500 words or less – piece of cake right? 

Here’s the link:

I am sure once I jump this current hurdle, constructed from self-doubt, I will finish the story and maybe even get some good feedback.  

But will that happen tonight???

I’ll keep you posted.