No room for Mum…

It’s after midnight and baby has woken again for his bottle. After I quickly feed him, reposition him and cover him with his blanket I drag my feet to the bed only to discover my husband has rolled over and also conquered my side of the bed…whilst I stand there and contemplate the tiny corner of the mattress left for me, and briefly consider the floor, I also take a minute to observe my family fast asleep – and smile to myself, thankful. I’d sacrifice my sleep, my bed, and myself happily if it meant they would sleep this soundly every night. Content with what was left for me I squeezed my backside onto the bed. Admittedly I tried wrestling for the blanket – What? My feet were cold! – and now that everyone’s asleep, Mum is wide awake!!!



Little Monkey

There’s a little monkey tugging on the bottom of my skirt…


That little monkey, is our little monkey – our little baby boy #JimiMoses.  I say little, but he ain’t so little anymore!!!  He is our pride, joy, and happiness.  Whether you have children or not, I sincerely hope there is something in your life that puts a smile on your face from the moment you wake up and ‘turns your frown upside down‘.  


Think about it – I’m sure you’ll discover what it is  and if you don’t – find that something.  You’re missing out.

Much love.



P.S. Now he’s crawling towards the cords under the desk…uh oh.