What do you think?

I’m sitting here browsing Facebook with the cat curled up under the desk (watching some hilarious videos – constructive I know) when all of a sudden the video pauses…weird I think to myself – what made that happen?  I press play to be further entertained, a goofy smile on my face, when it happens again.  Hmmm, weird again. I press play for a 3rd time and get to watch the video in full, but as I’m browsing for more mindless fodder the mouse pointer changes to a strange symbol and refuses to move.  What fresh hell is this?! Can’t a woman just FB in peace???

These are some likely reasons – what do you think was going on???

A}  The mouse cord was strangely half unplugged causing it to malfunction and rendering it useless ’til fixed.

B}  I didn’t realise I was actually leaning my elbow on the keyboard, these mac keyboards are so lightweight.

C}  The cat was fast asleep – the secondary mouse hidden under is backside.

D}  I had fallen asleep and was actually dreaming the whole thing – of all things to dream about???

What do you think?


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