Lethargy & Insomnia – my newest friends.

Lethargy & Insomnia - my newest friends.

Hi everyone,

Wanted to tell you guys about my latest personal discovery. It is entirely possible to have lethargy AND insomnia at the same time. Case and point – I am absolutely exhausted but as soon as 10 pm rolls around I’m unable to sleep. WTF!!! For those of you who don’t believe in insomnia or lethargy I can honestly say they are real things – most likely developed from an underlying cause (I know what mine is already).

As you can imagine these two things, a 6 months old teething baby, and depression – their powers combined – I find it hard to get much writing done in a day.


Today I have. So my fellow readers if I can find time today to write with all that’s going on – you certainly can.

Don’t think about it, just do it, just put it down on paper or type it out. You can always edit later – which in fact you will. If you’re not a writer please apply this to your preferred craft 🙂

Good luck, let me know how you go!!!




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