An author let me down…

Hi all,

I recently finished reading the latest book by one of my favourite authors, and was moderately let down.  Don’t get me wrong, she had written an entertaining story as always and stayed true to her writing style – however I feel there was so much more she could’ve done with her characters, so much further she could’ve pursued the ending, even gone so much deeper with the storyline…

It got me wondering…after so many books is an author bound to run out of ideas and originality? Are they doomed to repeat story lines or write stories half as good as their initial material?  

I am in no way belittling this author or taking anything away from her – she still did a good job, I just expected better after reading her previous work.  

Let me know what you think – do authors improve with experience and time, or do they fizzle out?  I like to think they get better with time.




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